The Sharks Quiz

Nine Girls schools qualify for the National Prelims of The Sharks Quiz Challenge.

Nine all-girls’ schools made it through to the final stages of the all-round Sharks academic competition. This, after the schools went through a grueling Zonal prelims held online through Zoom courtesy the test platform, eCampus.

The zonal prelims which was initially scheduled to happen physically had to be moved online as a result of the increasing Covid-19 cases across the country. The Executive Director of Africa Schools Online, organizers of the competition, Abel Ohene Acquaye, stated how impressed he was with the turnout. But for a few technical challenges experienced by a few schools, the program went on rather smoothly. The teams had to answer fifteen questions on Literacy, Numeracy, STEM and Social Literacy under 5 minutes. The timed exams meant the schools had to have their skills, knowledge, strategy and temperament at the highest level.

At the end, Opoku Ware School came out tops with 11 points, followed by Ghana Christian International High and Kumasi Anglican Secondary School with 8 and 7 points respectively. St. Louis Senior High, Wesley Girls High School (Cape-Coast), Archbishop Porter Girls and Kumasi Girls Senior High were some of the high-scoring all girls’ schools that made it to the finals.

In all twenty four schools made it through the zonal qualifiers and will join the four ranked schools from last year: Presec – Legon, Mawuli School, Keta Senior High and St. Thomas Aquinas School who qualified courtesy placing top four in last season. The twenty eight schools will battle it out later in the National Prelims for the coveted trophy as Sharks champions.

The Sharks Quiz is brought to you by Kelloggs with support from Indomie Ghana. Ashesi University, Academic City, Family Health University College and Massachussets College of Pharmacy and Heath Sciences are the academic sponsors while Givers and Ecampus are the associate sponsors.

The Sharks Quiz

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The Sharks is an Innovative High School Quiz Show for junior and senior high school students across the country that provides a platform that supports all-round learning among students at these levels. Students in this quiz are tested on these four core competencies:

– Literacy (English)
– Numeracy (Mathematics)
– Scientific and ICT Literacy
– Social and Civic Literacy (General Knowledge)


– All public, private and international junior and senior high schools in Ghana are eligible to participate.
– Each team must be supervised by at least one (1) adult coach. (A maximum of two(2) coaches will be officially recognized on the television broadcast).
– Each team must include four (4) participating students and one (1) alternate.
– Participating students must be currently enrolled in the school they represent.
– Participating schools may register a maximum of one (1) team for Juniors and one (1)team for Seniors.

The Sharks Season 4(#Sharks4) has adapted to the times to cement it’s position as the leading edutainment program in Ghana. The prelims will be held online from November to December 2020 through our secured software. Qualified schools will progress to the knockout stages which will take place at the TV3 studios from January 2021 under full Covid-19 protocols.

The Sharks Quiz

The Sharks Review: Christian High defends their title against familiar opponents, DPS International

The Sharks Quiz started with 110 contestants from 22 schools, but now the competition had reached its climax. It was the season finale and interestingly, the two schools that had battled it out in last season’s championship match, Ghana Christian International High School and Delhi Public School, had qualified once again for the final. Last year’s final ended in pain and agony for Delhi Public School, as they were edged by a mere five points. This season, they hoped to get their revenge and Ghana Christian International High School were hoping to become back-to-back victors of the competition.

The first round is known as the Right Corner Round, it is based on General Knowledge in Ghana and Africa. Eight questions are posed to each school and a correct answer gives you ten points. There are no deductions in this round. In round one, Christian High gained for themselves a thirty point cushion, amassing 70 points whilst their opponents gained 40. However, the competition was far from over. There were three more rounds and DPS were strong in every department.

The second round is known as the R Cube round. The focus in this round is on reading, writing and arithmetic. Like is done in the first round, questions are posed to both schools. In this round there is a five point penalty for a wrong answer. Round 2 ended in a draw, with both schools amassing 20 points. Both schools had a reputation for working magic in the third round, also known as STEM Like No Other. Everyone was wondering which school would come out on top in
the third round.

The STEM Like No Other round focuses on science,as its name suggests. Like in round 2, a wrong answer attracts a five point penalty. However there is a twist, questions are not posed, instead the first school to buzz in is acknowledged. The STEM Like No Other round was an end to end battle, with both schools’ speed and accuracy being showcased. In the end however, Delhi Public School amassed 45 points whilst Ghana Christian International High School gained 20 points.

The competition was wide open and the fourth round would ultimately be the decider. If Christian High could hold on to their lead, they would succeed in defending the trophy. If DPS toppled them in the fourth round, however, they would have to surrender their crown.

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The fourth round is the one-on-one round, in this round students face off in pairs based on their preferred subjects. Two questions are asked to the contestants in this round and the first person to hit their buzzer is acknowledged. A correct answer is worth ten points whilst a wrong one attracts a penalty of five points. After all the contestants had been asked their questions Ghana Christian International High School had 30 points and Delhi Public School had 25.

The final scores read 140 to Ghana Christian International High School and 130 to Delhi Public School. It was once again a close contest between the two and Christian High had just gotten the better of DPS once again.

Apart from the ultimate prize there were also individual awards to be won. Delhi Public School’s Shriman Jha won the Overall Best Student award and he also took home the Best In Science prize as well. Maxwell Ocloo of Manna International School won the Best In Mathematics award.

Adam Seidu of Delhi Public School and Kofi Anyimadu of Ghana Christian International High School won the Best in English and Best in General Knowledge prizes respectively.

By Kofi Anyimadu

The Sharks Quiz

The Shark Quiz: Presbyterian Boys make history; torpedoes Mawuli school to lift trophy

Over the last three months, creativity and brains have been witnessed interworking seamlessly among competing Senior High Schools across the country to secure forward spots and coveted bragging rights in the just ended season three of The Sharks Quiz. Indeed, many failed to make it to the next stages of the competition whereas others proved to be heavyweights by grabbing some stars and adding some more shine to their already glistening names.

In the event of the final showdown which saw Presbyterian Boys Senior High and Mawuli Schools battle each other to win first place, there was an assortment of heightened tension and euphoria. Fate swung low and eventually grips of hope were lost when the Ho contingents allowed the Accra counterparts shoulder them to the side to win the ultimate prize.

Both schools had displayed impressive performances bludgeoning their ways through earlier contests to take on the final stage in what could be termed as “clash of the Titans”. The first round of the contest had Presec Boys pull a staggering 20 lead points ahead of Mawuli’s 40 score. The latter however stamped on their competitors to a 15-0 score in the second round, almost bringing the gap to a parallel length but fell an extra 5 points behind in the third round.

The determining round seemed rather inauspicious and more of a backpedal for the Mawulians as each wrong answer they gave costed them precious points and severed them a negative score in that round. The blue magicians on the other hand held on tightly to their magic wand and waved it to their advantage, conjuring on them; a crown of victory. Presec-Legon graciously drew down the curtains of the third season as winners and the real Sharks!

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The Sharks Quiz is an academic competition endorsed by the Ministry of Education that tests and strengthens the core competencies of students in Literacy, Numeracy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and is supported by Family Health Medical School, Academic City College, Ashesi University, Webster University, Indomie, B5 Plus, Frytol, Fortune Rice, Louisiana State University, University of St. Thomas, Givers Care, Coco Pops and Mcberry Biscuits.